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Upholstery Cleaning Breezy Point MN

Superior upholstery cleaning in Breezy Point, MN can be found any time you call Chem-Dry of the Lakes. Spots and stains appear on loved upholstered items in various forms, including mud, marker, wine, and wear patterns. As the best upholstery cleaners in Breezy Point, MN, Chem-Dry delivers the proper training to clean your furniture and care for those spots. Our superior cleaning services can give your furniture the opportunity to be healthy and remain clean for a longer time.

Breezy Point Superior Upholstery Cleaning

Superior Services


At Chem-Dry of the Lakes, customer service is a goal. Our customers have an opportunity to set expectations and emphasize any areas of priority prior to when we begin cleaning. We're sure you'll love our services as much as we do. We want to be aware if you're not left content so we can come back to make things right. With innovative equipment, good prices, qualified technicians, and effective cleaning solutions we are the cleaners for you!

A Healthier Clean

Breezy Point, MN green upholstery cleaning is in high demand. Our primary cleaning solution at Chem-Dry of the Lakes is green certified so it is safe and non-toxic. Devoid of harmful agents, your skin isn't going to turn out to be irritated and no hypersensitive breakouts will take place. We love this aspect of our basic cleaning service; especially bearing in mind how many times upholstery items and skin come in contact.

Cleaner for Longer

Created to leave your property cleaner for prolonged intervals of time, our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction process stays clear of unpleasant cleaning agents. The chemicals, shampoos, detergents, and soaps that a number of professionals work with will leave behind a debris attracting residue that can quickly soil your upholstery. We've got a product referred to as Protectant that can help our customers keep their furniture looking pristine. It is like a furniture scotch guard since it helps to protect your home against potential spills and stains. Even though many upholstery items have a factory fabric guarding agent, this shield will fade away after some time.

For a sofa cleaning or chair cleaning in Breezy Point, MN unlike any other, give Chem-Dry of the Lakes a call!