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Professional Granite Countertop Cleaning Brainerd

Finding the best granite countertop renewal Brainerd, MN has to offer is important for maintaining a clean and polished home. The durability that granite has means you should be able to enjoy its beauty for years so it is disappointing when the luster dulls. Granite sealant can wear thin and allow liquid to seep into the surface. Dirt, water spots, residue, and germs can impact the surface of your granite in dramatic ways. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and sealing your granite is critical when considering protecting your investment. DIY granite cleaning products frequently do more harm than good. Harsh or abrasive ingredients can cause damage and compromise the finish.

granite countertop renewal brainerd mn

Putting our customers first, our trained staff at Chem-Dry of the Lakes will take the time to thoroughly consult with you to complete a satisfactory service. Typically this granite countertop renewal service will be completed in just four steps:

1. Clean and Scrub

The proprietary Granite Countertop Cleaning Solution we use at Chem-Dry of the Lakes will remove any build-up, dirt, germs, and grime from your countertops without abrasive, unneccessary scrubbing that damages the surface. Our solution is non-toxic to ensure safety for your family. Our goal is to leave you with a healthier and cleaner home.

2. Remove Residues

Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, we will remove residue from your granite countertop with our Granite Countertop Residue Remover.

3. Seal

A small amount of our Granite Countertop Sealer is applied next. This granite sealer dries in 3-5 minutes, not hours. Delving into the granite surface, the sealer will provide a powerful layer of protection for your countertops.

4. Polish

This is the final phase. Our proprietary Granite Polish will leave your granite countertops refreshed with a vibrant, beautiful shine that you can enjoy for months and years to come.

A beautiful investment to any home they are placed in, granite countertops add a special quality to the home. Keeping them looking clean can be a challenge, this is why it's important to know you can trust the professionals at Chem-Dry of the Lakes. Give us a call today for more information!


granite countertop renewal brainerd mn

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