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Carpet Cleaning Breezy Point MN

The finest carpet cleaning Breezy Point, MN provides can be found any time you get in touch with Chem-Dry. With great prices, a well-educated staff, and a progressive method we're able to leave our customers pleased. The main cleaning formula we work with will allow carpets to dry fast, keep clean for a longer time, and it is made out of nontoxic ingredients.

Carpet Cleaning Breezy Point MN

Breezy Point Carpet Cleaning Professionals


Many Breezy Point carpet cleaners can leave you with soaked carpets for days. The power of carbonation that Chem-Dry of the Lakes uses helps it be possible to avoid disposing of large amounts of soapy water on your flooring. The carbonation will also help us give our customers the healthiest and deepest cleaning in the industry. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction method uses about 80% less water than our competitors, which means that your carpets are dry within just a couple of hours.


Most carpet cleaning businesses in Breezy Point will leave behind a gooey or stiff dirt attracting residue that makes it easier for your carpets to get dingy shortly after the cleaning. Our carbonating solution raises dirt and debris to the surface for quick elimination. Because we don’t use harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents, or shampoos virtually no dirt attracting residue stays behind. Various persistent spots and stains are cleaned by using a comparable method.


Breezy Point safe carpet cleaning is very important to several of our customers. Our main cleaning solution is green certified; therefore it won’t present a threat to your pets or loved ones. With such fast drying times, the possibility of mildew and mold growth is lessened tremendously. Having a goal to help individuals with allergies, our main solution won’t intensify the symptoms. Discover more about the Home Health Study that demonstrates that our group can lessen bacteria and allergens.

With the most excellent Breezy Point, MN carpet cleaning, you can trust Chem-Dry of the Lakes to clean your house with the finest techniques for you and your family!

Carpet Cleaning Breezy Point MN

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