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If you’re needing a professional rug cleaning in Little Falls, you have found the perfect cleaners! We know your rugs are delicate and that you need them to be taken care of. We have the equipment and solutions to take care of your incredible rugs! Call us today at 218.828.4320!

Get Your Area and Orientals Rugs Cleaned by Professionals

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Beautiful Area Rugs

We know that your area rugs add a special element to your home. It adds a lot of character to your home. The things is, they are typically put in a very high-trafficked area. This means they will get really dirty pretty often. When it comes to cleaning your special area and Oriental rugs, we are your experts! Rugs aren’t easy to clean, depending on the type. The fabric, coloring, and style have a big impact on the way it should be cleaned. No worries--we know how to clean many types of rugs! Schedule your appointment today!

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Area and Oriental rugs are very similar to carpeting and upholstery--they are like large filters that trap dirt, bacteria, and allergens. To make sure to keep your home healthy and clean, you should clean your rugs regularly. We here at Chem-Dry of the Lakes have specialized equipment and products to handle all types of fabrics--from common area rugs to the more delicate and expensive Persian and Oriental rugs. We will get a deep clean on your gorgeous rugs!

Tough On Dirt and Stains, Yet Gentle On Your Rugs

It probably took a lot of time and effort to choose your area rug. You considered a lot of possibilities--color, pattern, and size! It had to fit your home just right! You probably also spent a good amount of money on it too! We want to make sure your rug(s) stay intact and last for a long time! Our cleaning process extracts the dirt and gunk from your rugs. Since, our process extracts the gunk from beneath, we are able to use less water! This is great for you and your home--your rug will dry faster and it’s safer on the environment! What’s not to love?

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If you want a professional area rug cleaner that will bring out the colors, protect your delicate fabrics, and get a deep cleaning--call Chem-Dry of the Lakes today! We have the equipment, products, and expertise to make sure you get amazing results! Schedule your appointment online or call us for more information! We look forward to working with you in Little Falls.